1 year ago

Republicans Even More Clueless on Obamacare in Private Than in Public

The history of Obamacare since the start of the health-care controversy, in 2009, has recently been an endless loop of loud promises that a full plan will be announced soon, followed by quiet admissions that it will not. Seventeen days ago, Donald read more...

1 year ago

First Trump Action on Affordable Care Act

One of President Trump's initial orders was to release an executive order on Obamacare. Now the game begins.

It looks like the Republicans have painted themselves right into a hole. After years of yelling abou just how poor Obamacare is as read more...

1 year ago

Trump vows ‘insurance for everybody’ in Obamacare replacement plan

Discussion on a replacement prepare for Obamacare has been getting agitated. I'm not certain if the Republicans truly wish to get the government out of the healthcare service, or if they're just opposing Obamacare because it was written by Democra read more...